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    BMC in the Defence Industry (Defence Industry & Special Vehicles)

    Thanks to its advanced technology and vast experience in the defence industry, BMC primarily aims at compensating for the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces together with the armies all around the world.

    The high quality standards of BMC products special for the defence industry are guaranteed with the following certificates: “ISO 9001 Quality System” and “AQAP-2110 Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production for NATO”. BMC is among the companies categorized under the “Company Manufacturing in NATO Standards”. As a registered company under the NSPA Source Mailing List, BMC takes its place among the companies having permission for the sales of the supplies required by the NATO countries.

    BMC Facility has been awarded not only with the “NATO Secret Certificate” but also with the “National Secret Certificate”. “The Production License” of BMC was given by the Turkish Ministry of Defence.

    With its highly skilled expertise in engineering and the technological investment to R&D, BMC creates in-house designs for the production of equipments and tools required to build up parts of the vehicles including the chassis, body and axles. All the manufacturing processes of these vehicles (such as the production of the prototypes, the required tests for the functioning, endurance, development and compliance with special needs and military specifications, homologation in accordance with the international regulations and mass production) are performed by BMC.

    BMC is producing durable, reliable, economic and environment friendly products presenting the state of the art technology, high quality standards and high performance in compliance with the changing and developing demands of the world.

    Thanks to its Research and Development Center, BMC is capable of not only performing the mass production of a new product but also implementing independent studies within its own structure to meet all the requirements and expectations in the defence industry. To provide suitable conditions for minimum operational costs, BMC products offer long term economic service life. With the discipline of perfect configuration management, the military requirements are also fulfilled.