BMC History



1964- BMC was founded on the 12th of May.

1966- TM Truck Series was produced.

1967- Tractor production was started.

1970- Light Commercial Vehicle production was implemented.

1973- Turkey’s first Automotive Foundry had been established.

1974- The first 4×4 (Four Wheel Drive) vehicle was produced.

1975- The first local diesel engine was engineered.

1976- The first Apprenticeship Training Center in Turkish Automotive Industry, was opened in our Plant.

1983- OMPAŞ was founded for the marketing activities of the original spare parts.

1984- The first Turbo Engine Commercial Vehicle (Yavuz Series) was produced.

1986- Fatih Series Trucks were started to produce and licence agreement was made with Cummins Engine Company.

1988- Levend Series Minibus was produced.

1989- Çukurova Holding Management had become the owner of the company.

1990- MD Series Light Commercial Vehicles were created.

1991- The modernization process of Pınarbaşı Plant was completed and Doğanlar Bus Factory was opened.

1991- With the introduction of BTR-60 (8×8), the modernization of Wheeled Armoured Vehicle was initialized.

1992- BMC as a Turkish company pioneered in participating to Paris Dakar Rally with a special 6×6 truck whose pilot was Renç Koçibey.

1993- Belde Series Buses were produced.

1995- As a Turkish Automotive Company, BMC received ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

1995- With the initiation of BMC Licenced Production in Kenya and Malaysia, BMC gave a start to production at abroad.

1996- ‘Professional Series’ was produced for the first time in the history by a Turkish Company who also owned the Industrial Property Rights of the vehicles.

1996- BMC as the first Turkish Automotive Company attended to an international fair named as Hannover IAA.

1997- An Automotive Company in Turkey for the first time organized “National Photograpy Competition” which has then become a tradition.

1997- NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Classified Facility Security Clearance was received.

1997- Certificate of Incorporation by Ministry of Defence was taken.

1997- AGAP 110 Industrial Quality Assurance Standard Certificate by Ministry of Defence was received.

1998- BMC achieved to become the first Turkish Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer which had export operations to Europe.

1999- Military Vehicle Production was given a start. Special Projects created such as the production Tactical Wheeled Vehicles and Logistics Support Vehicles for Defence Industry together with Special-Purpose Vehicles for Public Services.

1999- As an ERF Brand, the export operation for the Professional Cab Truck has been started.

2000- A worldwide export operation of BMC Buses and Trucks was initiated.

2001- ‘Probus’ as the first 9 meter small bus was produced.

2004- For the first time in the history, Light Commercial Vehicle ‘Megastar’ was produced by a Turkish Company who also owned the Industrial Property Rights of the vehicle.

2006- OMPAŞ took part in BMC.

2007- ‘New Professional Long Way’ Series was created.

2007- TÜV Quality System Certificate was received.

2007- For the first time in Turkish automotive industry, a series of environmental-friendly buses operating with natural gas were produced.

2008- Low-Floor Procity Series and articulated bus manufacturing were given a start.

2008- Participation to Turquality Programme was achieved.

2008- As part of the ‘Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project’; the tenders for Wheeled Armoured Vehicles and Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, which were including totally 1859 vehicles and conducted by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, were gained.

2009- R&D Center was established.

2014- BMC Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is moving forward to become a global brand with its renewed goals.