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    Legal Notice


    Any right, property and interest on all texts, images, drawings, sounds, animations and videos on this website ( and design, content, images, codes, algorithms, components, writings, visuals and any sections of this website, belong to BMC Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“BMC”). These contents, whether for commercial purpose or not, cannot be, partially or completely, copied, transmitted, downloaded, uploaded, transferred, sold, leased, licensed, assigned, disclosed, displayed, edited, reverse engineered, re-compiled, used as a source code or used in any other way.

    Product Variations

    The product information, drawings and/or images on this website, are prepared only general use. All information, drawings or images on this website may differentiate across the countries; may include variations and technical specifications which are intended to meet the local market demands – that are not available in some countries – or to fulfill the requirements of regulations of such countries.


    Price information for vehicles or accessories which are provided on this website for informative purposes only is the retail prices recommended by BMC. The costs of labor and consumable materials are not included in the prices of the accessories stated on this website. The prices contained herein do not purport to be deemed as an offer to sell and are not binding upon subsidiaries and service stations of BMC. The purchase and sale of any and all BMC products is subject to the provisions and conditions of the sale agreement to be executed in relation thereto.. BMC reserves its right to alter the said prices unilaterally and without serving any prior notice.

    Trademarks and Logos

    All trademarks and logos stated on this website belong to BMC or any third parties. Such trademarks and logos shall not be used, downloaded permanently, copied or distributed, in any way whatsoever, without the written permission of the respective right holders.

    Usage Right

    Website visitors have a usage right of the website only to access thereto or to take an advantage of the services provided therein in accordance with the conditions of usage and legal limitations. This usage right shall not be construed as granting a license to a visitor by BMC.

    Forward-Looking Statements

    Publications of investor relations, annual and interim reports, overviews, presentations, sound and image files related to activities (live or recorded) which are included on the website and the other documents therein contain forward-looking statements and expressions made by BMC. Forward-looking statements in the website such as “to foresee”, “to believe”, “to estimate”, “to expect”, “to plan”, and “to invent”, reflect the future views of BMC on the date of expression. General variations from the economic and commercial terms, introduction of the rival or new products and services into the market, changes in strategic commercial decisions may cause the actual results to differ significantly from those forecasted herein. BMC has no obligation to update these statements containing future projections and deadlines.

    Limitation of Liability

    BMC does not undertake, guarantee or confirm the accuracy, reliability, completeness, validity or suitability of any information contained on this website. Moreover, BMC has no liability due to any errors in such information stated on the website as well.

    You can contact us via an e-mail address of for any queries regarding current and valid information at any time.

    Links to Other Sites

    This website belonging to BMC also contains links to other websites in order to provide ease of use to its users. These websites have not been reviewed by BMC and they belong to third parties who are not, directly or indirectly, under the control and/or the authority of BMC. In case that the websites belonging to third parties have been accessed, the rules and data protection policies thereof should be analyzed prior to using such.

    Provision of any links to such websites belonging to third parties does not mean that BMC approves such websites or the products or services specified therein.

    BMC does not acknowledge, explicitly or implicitly, any content of the websites to which BMC provides links or any other links contained therein and is not liable for any such contents or links. All risk and liability arising from the usage of such websites of the third parties solely belong to the user.

    Data Privacy

    Data which are obtained during the visit of this website is recorded and processed in accordance with the applicable data protection rules. BMC shall not be held responsible for an application of data privacy of the links belonging to third parties which are included on this website.

    Recording, Processing and Sharing the Personal Data

    While visiting the website; the IP address provided by the internet service provider of the website visitor, the website which was visited before reaching to the BMC website, the websites visited through the BMC website, the date and time of the visit are recorded by the servers as a standard procedure. The personal data is recorded only if the visitor inputted the same into the system.

    Data collected through the website is processed in conjunction with the services provided by BMC and is used for the technical administration of the website, customer management, product surveys marketing and other similar purposes.

    BMC shall take the reasonable care to ensure that its employees and distributors to act in accordance with the privacy policy. However, the data may be disclosed to the business partners of BMC or to the competent authorities which are duly authorized by law as per the applicable regulations, court decision or administrative order.


    BMC uses cookies to provide its services and to ensure the adaptation of the website’s content to individual needs and interests. In some cases, individualized (personalized) access to websites and clarification are based on the cookies, however, in general, the visitor is required to be authorized with a user name and password by logging in. Disabling the cookies in the browser does not prevent the use of the services on the website, however, it may cause to some technical problems. Cookies may also be used to collect general and statistical information regarding the usage of the website.


    BMC takes security measures for data in order not to be changed, lost, damaged or used by unauthorized persons and also exercises reasonable care to protect personal data.

    Right to Request Information

    In case that any application is made, BMC shall notify the applicant on whether related personal data is recorded in the system or not, and if so, which data is recorded therein, within the scope of the relevant legislation regarding the protection of the personal data. The applicant has a right to review, update or delete its own personal data. In case that any notification is made to BMC regarding not to process the personal data, the required arrangements shall be made by BMC.

    For all your questions concerning personal data, please contact the competent department for data security.


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