BMC Exhibits 5 Vehicles at IDEF’17, Also The Company Shows up with 3 Facelifts


IDEF ’17 Defence Industry Exhibition, İstanbul, TÜYAP Convention Center

BMC, as one of the high volume commercial and military vehicle manufacturers, exhibits 5 vehicles at Idef ‘17 which is one of the major international defence industry exhibitions organized in Turkey. At the 13th International Defence Industry Fair Idef ’17, BMC will be welcoming the visitors at its booth covering a space of 500 squaremeters with 5 of its vehicles 3 of which include newly configurated ones.   

Thanks to the attendance of top level executives as Mr. Ethem Sancak (Chairman of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Talip Öztürk (Member of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Taha Yasin Öztürk (Member of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Bülent Denkdemir (BMC CEO), Ms. Semiha Yaşar (BMC Deputy General Manager, Defence Industry) and Mr. Bülent Santırcıoğlu (BMC Deputy General Manager, Commercial Vehicles); the company will welcome its visitors with its entire team. 


At Idef ’17, BMC exhibits Kirpi, Amazon and Vuran members of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Multi Purpose Vehicle Family together with Hidden Armored Midibus.

BMC Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle KİRPİ (4X4)

Kirpi, which has become a legend at the category of the mine resistant ambush protected vehicles, presents an independent suspension system with its new facelift model that will be launched at the Idef ‘17. In addition to its high protection features, Kirpi continues to be the leader at the category of both passenger conformity and road handling. Monocoque type armored cabin and glasses, shock absorbing seats, V-shaped underbelly, gun ports and emergency exit hatch are the leading features of BMC Independent Suspension Kirpi 4x4.

The discriminative qualities of Kirpi are as follows: Armored, manual 3600 rotatable turret together with electrical and air connectors for towing and being towed. Blackout and camouflage lighting, NATO towing hook, transportability on railway, optional rearview camera and automatic fire extinguishing system are Kirpi’s other distinctive features.

BMC Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Kirpi 4x4 Ambulance

With its interior design fully fledged as an ambulance while having the same qualities with the other members of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, BMC Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Kirpi 4x4 Ambulance is developed by the company special to carry patients. Especially, under intense fire at the battle, this vehicle is developed to carry away the injured patients. Kirpi is desgined to compensate for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and the other Allied Countries’ Armies.      

BMC Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle VURAN

At Idef ’17, BMC sets the stage for the World Premiere of the New Facelift of Vuran 4x4, The Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle. Thanks to its monocoque type armored cabin and glasses, shock absorbing seats, V-shaped underbelly, gun ports and emergency exit hatch; Vuran 4X4 is part of a family including the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicles. It provides mine and ballistic protection for its passengers. Front rear view camera, automatic fire extinguishing system, remote controlled weapon station, run-flat tyre inserts and A/C with heating and cooling functions are the outstanding features of Vuran 4x4.

BMC Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle Amazon

Amazon, which is another vehicle that will be presented by BMC at Idef ‘17, guarantees the security of its passengers against mine, ballistic and hand-made explosive threats. It has the capacity to carry on 7 passengers and has a high maneuver capability. The distinguishing features of the vehicle is as follows: Automatic fire extinguishing system, central tyre inflation system, run flat tyre inserts, rear view camera, blackout and camouflage lighting.