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Standing out with its superior comfort features and contemporary design, the BMC Procity family offers innovative solutions to urban transportation with its technological and environmentally friendly approach. Procity city bus family is offered to you with 12 M and 18 M Diesel and CNG options.


Meet The Procity 12M Diesel!

With its contemporary and innovative design, Procity aims to provide a comfortable driving experience to all its passengers. With its complete low-bottom feature, it offers a pleasant transportation by allowing its passengers to move freely with its interior design, as well as the ease during boarding and getting off.

Rediscover Procity!
Rediscover Procity!
Rediscover Procity!

The Leader of its Class in the Passenger Capacity

The 12-meter-long BMC Procity, a member of the BMC urban bus family, stands out with its passenger capacity up to 103.

Procity - 12 Meters Diesel

up to 103 Passenger Capacity

Our Priority is Your Safety and

Offering ideal features for both passengers and drivers in urban public transportation, Procity is always with you with safe and comfortable urban transportation...

Spacious Interior
USB Ports
Passenger Information Screen
Isolated Driver Cabin

Environment Friendly Engine

The Euro 6 norm is the environment friend for the problem of air pollution which has become the most important problem of big cities. In addition to the diesel engine, the CNG (natural gas) engine also responds to different areas of usage and needs.

Brand & Model
Cummins ISL G 320 E6 OBD C
Turbocharged Intercooler, CNG
Maximum Torque
1356 NM @ 1300 rpm
Maximum Power
239 KW (320 HP) @ 2000 rpm
6 forward and 1 reverse, automatic

Find the Best Procity for You

Procity urban bus family is available to you with 12 m and 18 m Diesel and CNG options. Choose the Procity model that best suits your needs.

PROCITY 12 Meters

  • Engine Type
    Turbocharged Intercooler, Diesel
  • Torque
    1100 NM @ 1200 - 1600 rpm
  • Load Capacity
    5.500 kg Front Axle - 10.400 kg Rear Axle
  • Passenger Capacity
    26 Sitting + 71 Standing
  • Transmission
    ZF 6AP 1200B Ecolife Automatic 6 Forward 1 Rear
Technical Specifications

PROCITY 18 Meters

  • Engine Type
    Turbocharged Intercooler, Diesel
  • Torque
    1600 NM @ 1400 rpm
  • Load Capacity
    7.500 kg Front Axle + 11.500 kg Middle Axle + 13.000 kg Rear Axle
  • Passenger Capacity
    38 Sitting + 127 Standing
  • Transmission
    ZF 6AP1700B Ecolife Automatic 6 Forward 1 Rear
Technical Specifications

View in 360 Degrees

Discover the exterior design of Procity in 360 degrees. With the navigation button on the side, you can see Procity in four different angles.

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