Eurosatory 2022, France, Paris

As one of the Türkiye’s leading commercial and military vehicle manifacturers, BMC will exhibit its own 5 military vehicles at Eurosatory, as the important defence exhibition in the world.

Has a great stand are of approximately 400 square meters in the 6th hall, BMC will host its guest at Eurosatory Fair, which is held for 37th times in this year and exhibit its own military vehicles with the Legend KİRPİ’s Ambulance version, KİRPİ II 4x4 AMBULANCE, TULGA 4x4 SUV, designed and produced as high-level security systems and armored to meet the security needs of internal security personnel, the New Generation Armored Personnel Carrier ALTUĞ 4x4 APC, the 10 Ton TWV 6x6 which is inside of the Tactical Wheeled Vehicles’s Unit and Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle, VURAN 4x4 MPAV.


KİRPİ II 4X4 AMBULANCE – Mine Resistand Ambush Protected Vehicle

KİRPİ II 4x4 AMBULANCE Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle developed by BMC is bestowed with the general technical features of the other members of the KİRPİ family, all the while being capable of performing as a full-fledged ambulance thanks to its custom-design interior. The vehicle this was developed for the rapid removal of the wounded from the region; It was designed to meet one of the most important needs of the armies of friendly and allied countries, especially the Turkish Armed Forces in intense conflict areas.

VURAN 4X4 – Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle

Noted for its capacity for a crew of 9, high level of protection, and maneuverability, Vuran offers its passengers a high level of protection against mines and ballistic threats, thanks to its unibody, armored cabin and windshields, shock-absorber seats, weapon station, and emergency exit hatch. It is an acclaimed member of the Versatile Armored Vehicle category, thanks to a wide range of features including special vision systems, automatic fire extinguisher system, central tire-inflation system, remote-controlled automatic weapon station and much more.

10 TON TWV 6X6 - Tactical Wheeled Vehicle

BMC 10 Ton Tactical Wheeled Vehicle 6x6 has capable of reaching to speeds up to 95 km/h thanks to 380 PS, 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle can climb slopes of up to 60%, and move on side-slopes of up to 25%. Capable of running through 800 mm of water without any preparation in advance, the vehicle surely and successfully performs its duties even in most challenging weather. Offering ease of use with its special crane, run-flat tires, and central tire inflation system, the vehicle is being used successfully in many functions including ordnance and cargo carrier, artillery truck, tow-truck, fuel and water tanker platforms.

TULGA 4X4 SUV – Armored Vehicle

It was stated that TULGA 4x4 SUV, which was designed and produced as high-level security systems and armored to meet the security needs of internal security personnel, showed high performance in all kinds of terrain conditions with its superior maneuverability and load carrying capacity.

ALTUĞ 8X8 APC – Armored Personnel Carrier

Having a single platform for different user needs and missions with its modular ceiling concept, ALTUĞ 8x8 APC stands out in its class with its high-level and expandable modular ballistic mine, IED protection and CBRN protection system and shooting location detection system.

About BMC

BMC, one of the largest commercial and military vehicle manufacturer founded in 1964 Turkey. BMC offers tailor made solutions for the automotive and defence industries with its wide product range, qualified human resources and high production capacity at superior quality standards where its main factory located in İzmir Pınarbaşı, in addition to R&D, production and liaison offices spread around in Istanbul, Ankara and Sakarya.

BMC, which has developed and produced many different configurations of commercial and military vehicles from buses to trucks, from mine protected armored vehicles to tactical wheeled vehicles, from tracked vehicles to unmanned land vehicles, offers solutions for R&D, production and aftersales services with over 3500 personnel. By the production of over 300 thousand vehicles and over 10 billion USD economic contrition to Turkish economy, BMC keeps raising its standards with ongoing R&D activities with the postmodern advanced technologies.

With its expert authorized technical services and strong sales web, BMC keeps close track of the sectoral trends and producing most reliable, postmodern, high technology and environmentally sensitive vehicles.