BMC Shows Up 5 New Facelifts of Its Legendary Vehicles at Dimdex ’18


Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference 2018 12-14 March, Doha, Qatar

BMC, as one of the high volume commercial and military vehicle manufacturers, exhibits 5 vehicles at Dimdex ‘18 which is one of the major international defence industry exhibitions. At the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference Dimdex ‘18 which is organized in Qatar, BMC will be welcoming the visitors at its booth covering an enormous space with 5 new facelifts of its legendary vehicles which have been newly configurated.

Thanks to the attendance of company’s top level executives as Mr. Ethem Sancak (Chairman of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Talip Öztürk (Member of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Taha Yasin Öztürk (Member of BMC Executive Board), Mr. Bülent Denkdemir (BMC CEO) and Mr. Bülent Santırcıoğlu (BMC General Manager, Land Systems and Commercial Vehicles); the company will welcome its visitors with its entire team.


The company will reveal the latest versions of the following vehicles: Vuran (the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle), Amazon (the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle), Kirpi-II (the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle), RCV (the Riot Control Vehicle), Midilux-Z (the Armored Bus).

KİRPİ-II (4X4) - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

Kirpi-II, the new version of the legendary Kirpi which has become famous at the category of the mine resistant ambush protected vehicles for its durability, presents an innovative feature as having an independent suspension system. In addition to its highly protective features against mine and hand- made explosives, Kirpi-II continues to be the leader regarding both passenger conformity and road handling.

Monocoque type armored cabin and ballistic glasses, shock absorbing seats, V-shaped underbelly, gun ports and emergency exit hatch are the leading features of Kirpi-II. The discriminative qualities of the vehicle are as follows: Remote controlled weapon station, sniper detection system, internal communication system, CBRN filtration system, Jammer, 360 degree/front/rear view cameras and automatic fire detection and suppression system together with central tyre inflation system, electrical and air connectors for towing and being towed; IR, blackout and camouflage lighting; NATO towing hook; transportability on air and railway and driver information system Kirpi-II is designed to compensate for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and the other Allied Countries’ Armies.

VURAN (4x4) - Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle

At Dimdex ‘18, BMC will launch the World Premiere of the New Facelift of Vuran 4x4, The Multi- Purpose Armored Vehicle. Thanks to its monocoque type armored cabin and ballistic glasses, shock absorbing seats, V-shaped underbelly, gun ports and emergency exit hatch; Vuran is part of a family including the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicles. It provides mine and ballistic protection for its crew. Front and rear view camera, automatic fire detection and suppression system, remote controlled weapon station, central tyre inflation system, run-flat tyre inserts and A/C with heating and cooling functions are the outstanding features of Vuran 4x4.

AMAZON (4X4) - Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle

Amazon, which is another vehicle that will be presented by BMC at Dimdex ‘18, guarantees the security of its crew against mine, ballistic and hand-made explosive threats. It has the capacity to carry on 7 passengers and has a high maneuver capability. The distinguishing features of the vehicle is as follows: Automatic fire detection and suppression system, central tyre inflation system, run flat tyre inserts, rear view camera, blackout and camouflage lighting.


The Riot Control Vehicle (RCV), which is manufactured with the aim of intervening in the social upheavals quickly and effectively, comes forward with its keen ability to make agile maneuvers and the capacity for adjustment to tough conditions. Thanks to its field performance, genuine chassis and powerful road handling; BMC RCV gives full support to provide security and public order at both urban and rural sites.

Water and foam tanks which are noticed for their durability, computer driven operator system, turbo diesel engine with 6 cylinders, independent cabin heater and runflat are the outstanding aspects making RCV to be one step ahead.

MIDILUX-Z (4x2) – Armored Bus

BMC MIDILUX-Z, differentiates itself with the quality of having ballistic protection. Armored for safe personnel transport in difficult conditions, the vehicle is equipped with the following additional features which brings safety and security to passenger transport: Polycarbonate outer glass, shotguns, glass with ballistic protection level, mine-locked doors.

MIDILUX-Z has the front and rear spring parabolic suspension system with hydraulic shock absorber, full air dry type service brake, air operated spring-loaded hand brake and independent cabin heater. In addition to the runflat option, the vehicle can be provided with such a supplementary component as fire extinguishing system for not only the wheels but also the exterior area.

About BMC

As one of the leading Turkish automotive companies providing solutions in both defence and transportation industries, BMC has been established in 1964 in İzmir. Since the first day of its foundation; BMC, by developing in-house know-how via its own R&D Center, has achieved a significant contribution of 10 billion dollars to Turkish economy. Throughout 54 years, BMC has accomplished successfully the hard task of manufacturing over 300.000 vehicles in total.

Occupying a total area of 250.000 square meters in Pınarbaşı Plant, BMC continues to manufacture buses for public transportation, heavy weight trucks for transportation and logistics industry together with the tactical armored vehicles for the realm of defence industry. Operating with a highly skilled workforce including over 2000 white and blue collar employees and with the capacity of manufacturing 22 thousands of vehicles, BMC is moving forward to become a global brand via the renewal of its goals.

Thanks to its capability of responding back to the changing conditions and customer demands in the quickest way, the company boasts a product range that includes vehicles for all segments. BMC’s strong position in the global market, as well as its effective marketing strategy provides the ability to respond rapidly to the customer needs with innovative products in domestic and overseas markets. In this regard, BMC, guiding the industry with its knowledge and experience, is going to set the stage for 5 vehicles at DIMDEX 2018, Doha, Qatar.