Warranty for Us: Responsibility more than Obligation

The legal warranty period for your BMC vehicle begins at the date of the sales invoice and is 2 years. If your vehicle malfunctions within the warranty period, the repair time (malfunctions within the scope of the warranty) will be added to the warranty period.

In order to be able to fulfill the warranty conditions, all maintenance of the vehicle shall be done in due time and the repair/assembly/disassembly of the vehicle accessories shall be done in the manner prescribed by the authorized services of BMC Automotive and Trade Inc.

The Customer's warranty applications do not include covering wear and tear caused by usage, consumable materials, periodic maintenance parts and materials, improper fuel usage, equipment or software that are not installed originally, forcing against the operation and traffic instructions, natural disasters, environmental effects.

You can find more detailed information about warranty applications and important points in the service maintenance book and the user manuals.

Please contact your authorized service for Extended Warranty Packages and details for a more enjoyable companionship.

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